We help fund managers define and articulate their strategy.

The Fundraising Process

Fundraising can be a lengthy, expensive and inefficient process. Our primary focus is to help clients achieve their fundraising goals in the most effective manner. For more established fund managers, we can augment internal marketing capabilities with emphasis on identifying potential new investor relationships. For clients who need the assistance, we can help manage the entire marketing effort from articulating a compelling “story” in the marketing materials to negotiating terms with investors.

Our preference is to work with clients early in the process to establish a solid foundation for the fundraising. Working with the fund manager and its counsel, we focus on key issues of the offering, including the amount of capital to be raised and the financial terms and conditions. We establish the timing of marketing efforts and help develop the marketing materials. During this period, we also provide advice on the necessary marketing and legal documentation, including the offering memorandum, executive summary, presentation book and due diligence package.